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Briarwood Equine Clinic - The Family Doctor For Your Horse

Briarwood Equine Veterinary Clinic

Welcome to the web site for Briarwood Equine Veterinary Clinic. It is the goal of this web site to provide the visitor with an easy to navigate experience while gaining information about our horse veterinary practice, the local equine community, your horse's health, and links to many sites that share a common goal of making horse ownership a rewarding experience.

As an ambulatory practice, Briarwood offers its clients the convenience of having their horse's health concerns addressed in a familiar setting for both horse and owner.Dr. Gary Hanes, Horse Doctor Whether it is your home stable, the boarding barn, or a training facility, a complete range of services are available. Portable digital x-ray equipment, motorized dental instruments, and a complete supply of prescription and over the counter supplies makes tasks ranging from routine health maintenance to lameness examinations extremely easy.

When calling Briarwood Equine Veterinary Clinic for an appointment, our staff will often be able to offer a shared call with another client in your area to reduce travel costs. Other ways to help manage your veterinary resources include group vaccination clinics as well as "convenience farm calls", a way for me to complete a routine procedure at a time that fits my existing schedule without unneeded delays in addressing your needs. Clients who are able to ride to our office on the fabulous Portola Valley trail system, or chose to trailer to the office, can completely eliminate the travel fee. This option is limited to simple procedures such as vaccinations that do not require sedation due to safety concerns. Please contact the office for more details.

Dr. Gary Hanes, Equine VeterinarianOur list of services includes general medicine, wellness care (vaccinations and deworming), dentistry, nutrition counseling, lameness evaluations and pre-purchase examinations. With the ever increasing number of older horses in the population, services may also be tailored to insure comprehensive evaluation of the aging horse and effective strategies to insure these important patients receive the best care possible.

AAEP logoFinally, clients must always know that their individual concerns are our highest priority. All appointments are scheduled in a way that allows a relaxed, no-rush atmosphere. It's important that all questions are answered and all procedures explained in an understandable way. Following the appointment I'm always available by phone should the need arise.

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Never remove the saddle pad and expose a wet back either to the hot rays of the sun or to sudden cooling. The pressure of the saddle restricts the blood supply and thus weakens the tissues of the back. In this condition, a hot sun more readily burns or inflames the skin, while sudden cooling contracts the blood vessels and prevents the proper return of the blood to nourish the tissues.

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